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For exactly100 years, German manufacturer, Schmelzermilzau-wandffng-tbr-bild03 have been engaged in the development and production of Agricultural technical products and systems.

Know-how and innovation, combined with optimum pricing structure and latest manufacturing techniques, their products are distributed across the world and are used in many Industries.

In Agriculture, Schmelzer are best known worldwide for three main areas of expertise:

Modular Pipework Systems

Schmelzer can produce pipes, junctions, valves and in a host of different types and dimensions up to 12 mm wall thickness

Ideal partners in setting up a new grain handling unit or simply modifying an existing setup.


Well known for an excellent range of pedestal type ventilation pillars for bulk storage, Schmelzer are now producing a great new horizontal system known as the Telescopic Ventilation Pipe. These telescopic laterals are easy to lay out across the floor prior to filling, it can also be partially or completely retracted while the store is full. The comprehensive range of Ventilation Fans are designed specifically for grain storage and can be used in many different configurations.


Schmelzer is also renowned for its' expertise in grain store walling.

Flat Storage with Damwalls - up to 7.5m high

Grain Storage with Modular Walls - up to 5m high

Square Cells in Modular Design - up to 7.5m high

Square Cells with Hopper-Bottom - up to 6.9m high


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