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Fertiliser Transfer

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               Bulk Fertiliser handling made easy...


The increasing advantage of buying Fertiliser in bulk is seeing a return to transfering from trailer to spreader with a rear mounted tailgate auger.

Canagro produce a range of corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Augers which are ideal for this job and at affordable prices.

The GVA range

A straight forward rigid auger which hooks to the back of the tailgate and works straight back from the trailer 

The UHV range which, like the GVA models simply hook on and off the tailgate and operate straight back from the trailer.Their operating length ranges between 4m and 5.10m and they fold in the centre for transport.

The DF range are attached to the trailer tailgate by a fixed flange for side delivery with the option of being fitted to operate either from the left or the right side of the trailer.

The HD range which is a mobile auger working flexibly and independently from the trailer and can be used for a host of other jobs on the farm such as moving grain, or animal feed with capacities ranging from 35t-90t/hour.


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