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CanAGRO Augers for All Seasons - From Factory to Farm

For four decades, German-based CanAGRO GmbH has been a dedicated manufacturer of grain, seed and fertiliser-handling technology and is widely known for it’s superb canagro logo 200x80engineering abilities. CanAGRO’s product range has expanded to become the broadest and most comprehensive across the whole of Europe and Russia.

Still a family led company, CanAGRO gets its' drive for excellence and understanding of customer’s needs from it’s own close connections with Agriculture.

CanAGRO Augers

Augers for Grain Stores

Augers for Grain Stores

Adaptable, Fast Transfer, Flexible Movement, Low Cost, Reliable Engineering - All EMD models are available with Electric, Hydraulic or PTO options.

There are many models to suit a host of situations, ranging from the EMD731... 9.3m working length and capacity of 35t/h....up to the EMD 1071 with a working length of 21.8m and capacity of 90 t/h. Bespoke designs are available on request

Rear Mounted Tailgate Augers

Rear Mounted Tailgate Augers

CanAGRO produces a wide range of rear-mounted tailgate augers including the DF, UHV, GNA and GVSA augers for transfer of seed and fertiliser. Outputs range from 30t/h up to 300t/h.

Mobile Transfer Augers

Mobile Transfer Augers

For vital junctions between container and main auger. These augers are particularly useful in difficult areas with limited access.

Sweeper Auger

Sweeper - Flat Storage Collection System

The CanAGRO flat storage collection system can be used for storage and removal. By using the flat storage feed and collection system, damage from heavy machinery to ventilation channels and pedestals can be avoided.

Technical Details
Output: 50t/h or 80t/h
Up to 100t removal from a servo position
No damage to ventilation channels or tubes

Unique Screw Extension Design

Unique Flight Design

This unique flight design offers up to 15% more output and smoother running properties.
A tighter thread allows more material to be moved within a time frame and ensures smoother flow at lower revolutions.

Improved uptake of material conveyed and also good output maintained at steeper working angles

High performance at lower rotation speeds (max. 450 r/min)

This clever design leads to extended lifespan in comparison to standard designs

Mobile Screw Conveyors in Stainless Steel

Mobile Screw Conveyers in Stainless Steel

CanAGRO also produces screw conveyors, in full, from stainless steel; or, on request, in a combination of a stainless steel cover with galvanised steel coil for use with mineral fertiliser or salt (municipal use).

Mobile Grain Screw Conveyors, Light Carriage

Mobile Grain Screw Conveyors, Light Carriage

The screw conveyors are fitted with top loading motors. They are also fitted with a simple carriage for ease of manual movement within limited areas. Ideal for loading fertilizer distributors or seed drills from the farmyard. This type of carriage is for limited road use only

Treated with varnished steel, galvanised steel or stainless steel (V2A)

Further Features
450 r/min on the screw conveyor for careful conveying
Power transmission via angle drives and large dimension belt discs
Recessed carriage - more protrusion for optimal feeding of flat storage, 5.50m, 6m
Robust Carriage
Central Drive
Suitable drive for every operation

Feed Augers

Feed Augers

The feeder screws are ideal as a flexible junction between one process and another.The light carriage and the rollers on the feed hopper, make it easy to swivel the feed screw easily to the trailer, easy conversion is effortless in the handling by a person.

Feed screws are frequently used in tight spaces, e.g. in passages through buildings. In this case, the main conveyor unit is passed and the feed screw swivelled behind the trailer.

In low buildings, in which the tilting of the trailer or truck is not possible, the feed screw can, for instance, be used as a feeder from outside the building.

Feeder screws can also be used as additional flexible intake, as an elevator as well as for feeding livestock.

Message from Steve

A Message from Steve

Here, we've given you just a taster of what CanAGRO has to offer you. If you want to see the full product line with all the details, just visit CanAGRO.

Or,  why not view all their products in action on the CanAGRO YouTube Channel.

And, of course, you can always talk to me. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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steve auger 450x305And, of course, I am always available and happy to talk you through anything and everything.
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