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CanAGRO Augers for All Seasons - From Factory to Farm

For four decades, German-based CanAGRO GmbH has been a dedicated manufacturer of grain, seed and fertiliser-handling technology and is widely known for it’s superb canagro logo 200x80engineering abilities. CanAGRO’s product range has expanded to become the broadest and most comprehensive across the whole of Europe and Russia.

Still a family led company, CanAGRO gets its' drive for excellence and understanding of customer’s needs from it’s own close connections with Agriculture.

Tubular Belt Conveyor, Self-Filling, Special Design, De-Mount and Mobile Loading

Tubular Belt Conveyors

Tubular Belt Conveyors

combine the advantages of auger and conveyor. They are ideal for transfer of wood chips and sawdust, as well as all combinable crops. A conveyor belt running in a tube combines the benefits of screw conveyor and belt conveyor with a long life and running power due to few mechanical wearing parts. For a conventional belt conveyor, a large number of rollers and ball bearings are used, for a grain screw conveyor the mechanical attrition is greater.

The running powers until the belt is worn out - amount up to 200,000 tonnes.
The belt speed ensures that material is thrown 1-2m beyond the outlet. As such, the height of storage can be greatly increased.

Special Design Auger Screws

Special Design Auger Screws

On the basis of the consistently growing material and kit pool of parts of the installation screw and standard auger screw programme, more individual solutions can also be increasingly made.

Started from the various funnel variants, hinge and joint options for flapping, various discharge options with a Y or without, as well as switchable or nor, in steel or stainless steel and in various tube diameters and lengths, a large belt width is possible.


Self-filling Augers

Self Filling Augers

CanAGRO has produced numerous variations of augers for seed drills and fertilizer spreaders over many years.

In 2007, Maschio/ Gaspardo single corn-drilling machines were fitted with purpose-built filling Augers. Lemken drilling machines were also subsequently fitted with filling augers.

Thanks to good cooperation with Väderstad, Pöttinger and Kuhn, further variations have since been added.

Augers are made in standard steel or stainless steel with diameters of 150, 170 and 200 mm and in variable lengths as required.

Mobile Loading Unit

The Mobile Loading Unit

can be used for many applications, in particular, as a field-side loader in harvest that can be easily transported by tractor or 4x4. CanAGRO is currently developing various design studies for mobile loading units for energy-independent and flexible transfer of bulk goods.

The basic variant here always consists of a fill-in funnel installed on a chassis and an upstream laterally and hydraulically unfoldable and height-adjustable auger screw.

Also, various feed-in funnel designs are available, for instance 6-7 m long feed-in funnels for lateral tilting, as well as models with 2800 mm wide feed-in funnels for straight, reverse starting and tilting of rear and skip trucks.

The drive is powered by PTO of the tractor.

De-Mount Auger Systems

De-Mount Auger Systems

can be used for many applications from Chaff spreading to livestock feeding.

To adjust the output, a hydraulically operated pusher is fitted in front of the cross-screw. The drive of the cross-screw is provided by means of a hydraulic engine, the drive of the auger screw drives through the PTO.

Tube diameter auger screw: 400mm, 500mm
Capacity: up to 300t/h or up to 500t/h

A Message from Steve

A Message from Steve

Here, we've given you just a taster of what CanAGRO has to offer you. If you want to see the full product line with all the details, just visit CanAGRO.

Or,  why not view all their products in action on the CanAGRO YouTube Channel.

And, of course, you can always talk to me. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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