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Schmelzer Underfloor Grain Store Ventilation & Drying Systems

Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Schmelzer’s extensive range includes fans and delivery systems, including external manifolds, wind tunnels and heat exchanger/ fan combinations for biomass boilers to utilise surplus energy for grain drying with all systems complementing each other.

Factors to Consider

Factors to consider when selecting a ventilation or drying floor:

Long-term durability
Air flow rates and distribution
Range of crops stored
Height of crop storage
Dimensions of store
Selection and design of covers
Choice of fans and air-supply systems
Ease of Installation
Ease of store hygiene

Guidance and Advice

Guidance and Advice

Agro Hanse can guide you from the point of your initial contact. We will provide advice and, following on, we will supply detailed specification with draft plans as required. 

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A Great Team

Complete Range of Precisely Engineered Formwork and Covers

1 Covers

Cereals and Woodchips - Up to 11% Airflow

Standard slotted framed cover to withstand loads of up to 7 tons per wheel

2 Cover

Cereals and Woodchips - Up to 11% Airflow

Frameless heavy-duty slotted cover to withstand loads of up to 10 tons per wheel

3 cover

Cereals, Woodchips and Oilseed Rape - Up to 22% air flow

Frameless standard perforated cover to withstand loads of up to 10 tons per wheel

Load Bearing Capabilities Slotted Covers

Load-bearing Capabilities of Slotted Covers

showing undersides of each type Standard, slotted, framed cover to withstand loads up to 7 tons per wheel

Heavy-duty Slotted Cover

Heavy-duty Slotted Cover

to withstand loads up to 10 tons per wheel, with additional reinforcement

Standard Perforated Cover

Standard Perforated Cover

to withstand loads up to 10 tons per wheel

Schmelzer Formwork

Schmelzer Formwork

Constructed of 1mm galvanised steel. Available in 0.5m, 1m and 2m lengths Standard 300mm and 500mm depths are available, depending on air volume requirement and length of channels

Steel Ducting - Interior Struts and Slots

Steel Ducting with Interior Struts

to withstand side concrete pressure during installation, and Slots to reinforce the final concrete surface preventing long term fractures. Winged joiners are provided to link each section and to further “lock in” the concrete.

Transitions from Tunnel to Channel


A broad range of options are available to provide transitions from air supply to channels.

Isolating Shut-off Slides

Isolating Shut-off Slides

when channels are not in use

Cross-section of Standard Schmelzer Formwork


of standard Schmelzer formwork

Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories

Channel end plates
90° L-shaped bend
Y-shaped junction
Inlet transitions to link channels with air supply
500mm to 300mm transition
Blind cover


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