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Schmelzer Ventilation and Modular Pipework

schmelzer logFor more than 100 years, German manufacturer Schmelzer has been engaged in the development and production of agricultural technical products and systems. As Schmelzer's exclusive UK partner, Agro Hanse is delighted to bring you access to a complete range of Schmelzer products.

This company is known worldwide for three main areas of expertise:

Modular Pipework Systems

Schmelzer Pipes, Junctions and Valves

Schmelzer can produce pipes, junctions and valves in a host of different types and dimensions. Their pipework system with precise flanged edge is especially made for the transport of grain and various bulk goods.

Modular system

Longitudinal welded pipes with foil weld offer a high shape accuracy and protection from corrosion. The modular system makes it possible for pipe parts to be exchanged; or an existing pipe system can be expanded as required. Pipe parts with diameters from 100 to 400 mm can be immediately delivered ex stock. Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery, a reproduction can be effected quickly.

Abrasion Resistant

Schmelzer APS pipework and, now, new Super APS provide enormous resistance to internal abrasion caused by increasingly high-capacity demands.

Ventilation Technology

schmelzer for agriculture

Since the first production of pipes for agricultural purposes, the agricultural sector has been steadily developing and, today, Schmelzer products for grain storage and grain ventilation are used worldwide.

long storage life

As grain is a living product, two parameters - temperature and moisture - are essential in order to achieve the longest possible storage life. Schmelzer’s universal ventilation technologies provide a perfect climate in grain.

everything you need for grain ventilation

The company can provide everything you need for grain ventilation, from underfloor ventilation over its patented telescopic ventilation pipe up to semicircular canals. A complete storage program of different fans from 1.000 to 50.000 m³/h is also available.

Still Thinking About It? Here's what one satisfied Agro Hanse client had to say about our grain ventilation products....

“We have a 400T on-floor grain store where the pre-dried crop is conditioned using above-ground ducts leading off a main air tunnel. With a change of bucket size for loading out, plus the inconvenience of digging out the ducts, we were looking for alternate ways of getting air through the crop. We came across Agro Hanse and their telescopic ducts at Cereals and intrigued by the operating of the ducts, made enquiries. Steve and Annie were very helpful as we needed to adapt the withdrawal system to our own needs. We initially tried one duct which proved successful and now have all three. Having used the ducts for 6 seasons, we can say how satisfied we are with them. Ventilation through the ducts is excellent and being able to withdraw them before loading has made life and loading so much easier. We have no hesitation in recommending them and Agro Hanse.”
Stephen Mead, WH Mead and Son, Guyhirn, Cambs

Storage Solutions

flexible storage solutions

For flat storage, Schmelzer solutions range from easy storage to flexible storage systems such as the innovative Schmelzer telescopic ventilation pipe or dam wall silo.

2schmelzer Storage450x253

With flat and silo storages, ventilation spears, semicircular canals, grain store walling or underfloor ventilation and fans, you will be sure to find the most suitable solution for your needs.

types of grain storage

Flat Storage with Dam Walls - up to 7.5m high
Grain Storage with Modular Walls - up to 5m high
Square Cells in Modular Design - up to 7.5m high
Square Cells with Hopper-Bottom - up to 6.9m high

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