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Introducing the NEW CanAgro Mobile Pre-Cleaner, incorporating the Schmelzer ZZ System

DLG Award Winner for Innovation at Agritechnica

The ZZ was developed by Schmelzer in partnership with the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.


schmelzer logcanagro logo 178x80The result of collaboration between CanAGRO GmbH and Schmelzer GmbH, this is a marriage made in agro heaven! Easily transportable, of robust construction and provides excellent results in a broad range of combinable crops.


Combining the CanAGRO cleaning auger and the Schmelzer ZZ cleaner produces a more compact and versatile machine. The two machines, working in sequence, add an important dimension to the cleaning process and can be used in a broad range of situations, both inside and in the field.

Special Sieves

With special sieves, the auger flights ensure larger particles are extracted, while the material travels up to the next cleaning process.

Frequency Converter

The Pre-Cleaner is fitted with a frequency converter for variable air speeds. The machine has a robust undercarriage with pneumatic road tyres and a range of optional hitches to suit different towing vehicles.

Excellent Sieve Action

Provides excellent auger sieve action with a range of sieves to suit different crops.
Has a versatile, mobile, robust undercarriage with pneumatic tyres.
Dissolution of crop flow with distribution cone and guide plates.
Multi-directional effect maximises air flow and improves separation.
Highly efficient fan, with a stable characteristic curve.

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Flow regulator according to crop type and quantity/quality requirement.
Compact sizes - available in 3 main models - 40t/h, 60t/h and 89t/h and larger models up to 120 t/h.
Static mixer function and integrated fall brake for equal flow of crop.

See it in action ….

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