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  • Agro Hanse - Agricultural Storage, Conditioning and Handling

    agrohanse log250    Agricultural Storage, Conditioning and Handling

  • Exclusive UK Supplier for Schmelzer Grain Ventilation

    schmelzer log         Exclusive UK Supplier for Schmelzer Grain Ventilation

  • Exclusive UK Supplier for CanAGRO Trailer-mounted Augers

    canagro logo 178x80          Exclusive UK Supplier for CanAGRO Augers

  • Mobile Pre-Cleaner

    canagro logo 178x80       Introducing the NEW Mobile Pre-Cleaner    schmelzer log

  • Based in the UK and Serving Agricultural Buyers Worldwide

    agrohanse log250        UK based with a Global Reach

Agro Hanse Delivers a Personal, Detailed, One-on-One Service with Competitive Pricing, Efficient and Fast Delivery

Serving Agricultural Buyers Worldwide - Farmers, Dealers, Distributors and Contractors

Personal Service

We are both approachable and plain-speaking, so you know who we are and what we do … and that you can always talk to the Boss! In fact, we’re a lot like you .. we both expect and deliver the best.

Compact in size

Compact in size, with no line management, Agro Hanse can give a prompt, detailed response and technical one-on-one service - but our access to  larger resources, in terms of technical and manufacturing capacity,  means we punch way above our weight.

Wide Range

Our special trading partnership, as the main UK importers for Schmelzer and CanAGRO - top players in reliable precision engineering - means we can provide a wide and flexible range of products and solutions.

An Excellent Track Record for Supplying Solutions in Grain Movement and Conditioning, Offering a Number of Unique Products

  • Unique Products

    Only from Agro Hanse

    Telescopic Ventilation Pipes
    Mobile Pre-Cleaner
    Rear-Mounted Trailer Augers
    And there’s more…

  • Ambros Schmelzer GmbH

    For more than 100 years, German manufacturer Schmelzer has been engaged in the development and production of agricultural technical products and systems. Schmelzer is best known worldwide for three main areas of expertise:

    Modular Pipework Systems

    Discover more ….

  • CanAGRO GmbH

    CanAGRO’s product range has expanded to become the broadest and most comprehensive across the whole of Europe and Russia. Still a family led company, CanAGRO gets its drive for excellence, and understanding of customer’s needs, from it’s own close connections with Agriculture.

    Their EMD mobile grain auger range is ideal for filling or emptying flat storage areas, whilst the HD range can be used to transfer anything from grain, seed, fertilisers to animal feedstuffs. Loading of lorries in remote locations without the need for electricity is a useful feature.

    Incomparable. Get the details ….

  • NEW Mobile Pre-Cleaner

    NEW CanAGRO Mobile Pre-Cleaner, incorporating the Schmelzer ZZ System

    A marriage made in agro heaven! Easily transportable and of robust construction.

    The combination of the CanAGRO cleaning auger and the Schmelzer ZZ cleaner produces a more compact and versatile machine. The two machines, working in sequence, add an important dimension to the cleaning process.

    In combination with special sieves, the auger flights ensure larger particles are extracted, while the material travels up to the next cleaning process. Want to know more?….

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Agro Hanse
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Exclusive UK Trading Partner for

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If you want further details on any of the product ranges on our site, do visit our trading partners' sites. Just click on their logos. To see all the CanAGRO ranges, 'in action', head on over to their YouTube channel....